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Iconic Hair Products developed from a need to find superior men’s hair styling products. A group of barbers in Southern California pulled together their years of experience on the front line of men’s grooming and realized they could not find the quality they wanted to create different looks for their clients without an arsenal of products. They also recognized that their clients could not duplicate their new styles with their products at home.
Instead of looking to others to fill that void, these entrepreneurial barbers created Iconic Hair Products. Their goal was simple: Formulate styling products that make iconic looks for every man, regardless of hair type, length, or texture. With three main products in the line, men can style their hair differently whenever they want.

The Iconic Trifecta

The hand-crafted product line strikes the right balance between form and function. With Iconic matte pomade, cream, and gel wax, you have everything you need for any hairstyle your barber creates. Whatever iconic style you are after, Iconic Hair Products is your go-to support system.

A short, textured side part stays in place with pomade. Long, luscious locks look and feel smooth with cream. And chunky, wind-blown fades get their shine and hold from gel wax.

We want you to know that we take your hair styling seriously — we handcraft our Iconic products, and we use quality, natural ingredients that nourish your hair. Each product has a clean, fresh smell without the addition of heavy fragrances. Your hair will not feel sticky, stiff, or crunchy, and you can wash it clean next time you shower.

How does our commitment to quality help you? You can use our Iconic products without worrying about damaging your hair — just have fun with them! Try new styles to finesse a professional look or stay cool and casual for relaxed weekend vibes.
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We also understand that men do not always have the freedom to search for quality styling products, so we offer our customers a convenient subscription option. Not only can you determine the frequency of your deliveries, but you can also save money on Iconic hair products that you use every day. With your favorite Iconic products on subscription, you don’t have to worry about running out and risking a bad hair day.

Big on Barbers

Iconic Hair Products will always stay true to our roots. We support our fellow barbers and stylists in shops and salons everywhere by offering a wholesale program for professional use. You can learn more about how to stock your barbershop by contacting us for more information about our wholesale pricing.
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