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Benefits of Iconic Hair Products

We did not mess around when we set out to create the kind of styling products we wanted to use. We looked for features that make styling easy and incorporated them into our formula for the best men’s hair styling products that both barbers and customers turn to for iconic style.

What makes styling easy with Iconic hair products? Here is what you can expect when you use our styling products:

Unparalleled Control

When you use our hair waxes, pomades, and creams, you can customize the amount of hold for your look. For every-hair-in-place control, go with gel wax for maximum hold and shine. For long curly or wavy hair, use our cream to add definition and moisture while fighting frizz, and go with our matte pomade for light to medium shine and hold for daily wear or casual evenings out.

Long-Lasting Hold

Our men’s styling products do not quit on you. Use them in the morning for all-day hold and manageability. Your hair should keep its style until you shampoo it without feeling sticky or looking crunchy.

Non-Greasy Formula

No one wants styling products that make their hair oily or weigh down their style. Our lightweight formulas give you the right amount of shine without looking greasy or limp.

Easy Application

We understand that many men want convenience, so we keep it simple. Apply a small amount of our Iconic products to damp or dry hair, working it through the ends. Warm up waxes and pomades between your palms to make it easier to apply — a little dab will do it!

Water Solubility

Iconic products stay in place, even when you work up a sweat. When you are ready to wash them out, just shampoo your hair like you usually do. Because our products are water-soluble, they wash right out without building up or damaging your hair.

You don’t have to know everything about your hair to achieve iconic status with Iconic Hair Products. We craft our men’s hair styling products to work for all hair types and densities. Whether you choose from our matte pomade, cream, or gel wax, you can achieve the style you want to fit your mood or occasion.

Need sleek, professional perfection? Want effortless waves or tousles? Looking for high hold and spiky texture? No matter what iconic look you want to rock, you can level up with the same Iconic Hair Products that barbers use and recommend to their clients.

Find Your Iconic Hairstyle

Our product line includes these three men’s hair styling products:

Matte Pomade

A lightweight, non-greasy product with just the right amount of shine and control


Perfect for longer hair that needs less control and more manageability and smoothness

Gel Wax

The right balance of high shine, texture, and hold for short ‘dos with a gentlemanly polish

We recommend stocking up on all three hair styling products to master a variety of ‘dos. The more comfortable you are styling your hair, the more confident you can feel in almost any situation. Hang up that ball cap and give Iconic Hair Products a try.

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